The House of Representatives has rules of decorum that date back 220 years to James Madison. Members of Congress are not even allowed to address each other directly, they must say “The honorable gentleman from…” “The honorable lady from…” when directly talking about some other member. There are words and behavior they can never use on the floor. This is because otherwise the joint will break down into chaos.

When members of Congress say they have never heard an outburst like that in 35 years they are correct. It doesn’t happen, they are trained not to do it before they take their seats in Congress and warned of the consequences.

Mr. Wilson knows this. This outburst was premeditated. He has brought the tactics of the street into the House of Representative and shamed himself and the history of the institution.

I agree with Arlen Specter, that the actions of the house must include the possibility of a formal censure,
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